Script Analysis

The Script Analysis service provides detailed feedback and a numerical score for the following script elements: concept, theme, commercial potential, story, plot, structure, scenes, characters, dialogue, and craft

$65/ 3 Days
  • Covers all major script elements
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Detailed feedback how to improve your script

Script and Plot Analysis

This service includes Script Analysis service plus Plot Analysis which provides detailed and practical plot improvement suggestions in over 20 plot areas.

$75 / 3 Days
  • Discounted Price (Regular price $95)
  • Covers all major script and plot elements
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Detailed feedback how to improve your script and plot

Script Coverage Comparison

Most affordable prices

More detailed feedback

Based on successFul scripts

Our unique, research-based script review process was developed through comprehensive expert analysis of hundreds of successful scripts. To ensure that your screenplay is assessed fairly, our script reviews are never based solely on the knowledge of one script reader.

We transform your script

How will your script stand out from other screenplays? Our team of script industry experts will provide detailed feedback on how to improve your script ensuring that all major elements are covered.

Assessment of your script

Using a numerical system, Hollywood Standards provides an overall evaluation and ranks individual script elements such as Concept, Theme, Commercial Potential, Story, Plot, Structure, Scenes, Characters, Dialogue, and Craft.